Get Prepared to Protect Yourself

Partner with our firearm instructor in the Holland Patent & Utica, NY area

Feeling safe as a woman isn't always easy. But you can take a stand by learning how to protect yourself. Lady Instructor CNY offers classes to prepare you to get a firearms license. Our female concealed carry instructor is passionate about helping women feel secure in their everyday life.

After taking classes and learning the fundamentals of shooting herself, our firearm instructor decided to share her knowledge with other women in her community. Now she teaches several different classes around the Holland Patent & Utica, NY area.

You don't have to feel helpless when it comes to firearm basics. Call 315-796-4640 now to sign up for a class with our NRA-certified pistol instructor.

We'll help you become a well-trained shooter

Whether you want to learn the basics of shooting a gun or prepare to get your permit, our concealed carry instructor has you covered. We can:

  • Help you get your NY firearms permit
  • Prepare you for a multi-state firearm permit
  • Teach you the basics of using a firearm
  • Clean your gun for your professionally

Through our classes and hands-on activities, you'll start to feel confident using a firearm.

3 things to know before your first trip to the range

Are you feeling nervous about shooting a gun for the first time? Our female firearm instructor will coach you through it. A few facts to help you feel at ease before your first time shooting include:

  • You don't have to be a spot-on shooter right off the bat
  • The loud sound of gunfire can be startling, but earplugs help
  • Your firearm might eject shells, so wear eye protection to stay safe

As long as you follow the rules, your shooting experience should be smooth sailing. And, you might even make some new friends from your classes along the way. Contact us today to learn more about gun safety.