Travel With Your Gun Legally

Join us for a multi-state firearm license class in the Holland Patent & Utica, NY area

Do you use your gun for self-defense? Does keeping a gun on you help you feel more confident and at ease? Lady Instructor CNY can help you get the permit you need to keep your firearm on you while you travel so you can feel safe and powerful wherever you go. We offer firearm license classes to prepare you for applying for a multi-state pistol license.

Interested in being permitted to carry across the nation? We offer a Utah firearm license class for a permit that will let you carry in over 30 states. Contact our instructor now to join one of our upcoming classes in the Holland Patent & Utica, NY area

Why should you get a multi-state license to carry?

A multi-state pistol license has all kinds of benefits. It allows you to:

  • Feel more secure while you travel across state lines
  • Be able to defend yourself all over the country
  • Shoot at different ranges while you're on vacation

Our $325 Utah firearm permit course gives you the tools you need to get a multi-state license. Get in touch with us now to sign up.